How Do I Get Around Los Angeles?

Our tips for traveling around the City of Angels.

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Los Angeles is a very large city where cars are the most popular form of transport. The traffic is heavy and roads are often congested. How do you get around Los Angeles quickly and get the most from your stay?

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Arriving in Los Angeles

Most travelers arrive at Los Angeles International Airport or LAX. Its nine terminals are connected by a free shuttle bus, LAX Shuttle, which stops on the lower level in arrivals. You’ll also find taxicab stands and hotel shuttles on the same level. Car rental shuttles will drive you to the agencies just outside the airport grounds.

Comment circuler à Los Angeles depuis l'aéroport

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Visit LAX’s website to find a map of the airport, tips for getting around and a list of car rental agencies.

Renting a car

Cars are the most popular means of transport in Los Angeles. In spite of the traffic, it’s the easiest way to get to your various drop-off points. Several car rental agencies are located at the airport to get you on the road as soon as your flight lands. Want to experience the Californian lifestyle to the fullest? Sites such as Turo offer car rental directly from private owners – a ride in a Ford Mustang is all yours!

Pay attention to the rules of the road as they are strict and in California they respect the law! See our advice below for traveling in Los Angeles.

Comment circuler à Los Angeles

Take a taxi – from $40

Comment circuler à Los Angeles, depuis l'aéroport

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As in all airports, taxis park in a reserved area. If none are available, call the number indicated at the terminals. LA Yellow Cab and Beverly Hills Cab Company will take you all the way to Downtown and West Hollywood. City Cab goes to North Hollywood and Downtown.

The rules for taxicab stands have changed as of October 29, 2019. See the information in the box below.

Traveling by taxi is expensive because Los Angeles is vast and congested. You’ll get a better fare by using a private hire.

Book a private taxi – from $30

Uber and Lyft are widely used in Los Angeles, much more so than taxis. A trip to West Hollywood will cost you around $30.


If you have a foreign account on these apps, it’ll work in the USA. If you want to subscribe, enter the codes eliseg30 for Uber and ELISE198524 for Lyft and you’ll get $5 in credit.

Changes regarding taxis and private hires

LAX Airport has introduced new rules for Lyft, Uber and taxi pick ups as of October 29, 2019. It is no longer possible to order and take your taxi or private hire from the airport exit.

Every 5 to 10 minutes, free shuttle buses now drop travelers off next to the car parks used by car rental agencies. You can catch your ride from here. Get into the first available car by giving the route code from the Uber or Lyft app.

This area is also accessible by foot. In any case, allow for more time when leaving the airport.

By subway –  $1.75/single

Work is under way to extend the subway link to the airport. Until then, there’s a free shuttle bus from parking lot G that will take you to the subway. The Green Line gets you to Hollywood, Silver Lake or Downtown LA via connecting lines. Take the bus if you want to go to Venice and Santa Monica – Big Blue Bus 3.

Getting around Los Angeles

By car

If you’ve decided to travel by car, here is some handy traffic info that will save you a lot of trouble:

  • Traffic is very heavy in Los Angeles. Avoid taking the highways during rush hour – from 7 to 10 a.m. and between 3:30 and 6 p.m. Keep an eye on the online traffic info and, most importantly, use Waze, it’s a lifesaver! Use the Car Pool Lane only if there are more than two people in your car and avoid the Express Lane as it requires a subscription.
  • Parking restrictions vary from street to street. Look carefully at the street signs and never park in front of a red line. Green lines are for short-stay parking and white lines allow the driver to stay in the car while waiting or dropping off a passenger. In any case, never park over the marked parking place lines. It’s a guaranteed fine! Finally, remember to check the time remaining on the parking meter. Overrunning by just a minute could cost you $53.

By taxi / private hire

Los Angeles isn’t New York. Hailing a cab on the street in the middle of the day isn’t commonplace. Instead, taxis are always parked in front of bus and train stations and large hotels. To order a taxi and find out the areas they go to see Taxi Services.

Traveling by taxi is expensive because Los Angeles is vast and congested. Uber and Lyft are popular and cheaper. If you have a foreign account on these apps, it’ll work in the USA. If you subscribe, enter the codes eliseg30 for Uber and ELISE198524 for Lyft to get $5 in credit.

Comment se déplacer à Los Angeles

By subway: $1.75/single

Comment se déplacer à Los Angeles

Public transportation isn’t really a way of life for LA’s residents. Although it appears to be expanding, the subway system still isn’t that big.

It mainly serves the Downtown area with the Expo Line reaching Santa Monica in 45 minutes from Downtown and the Red Line connecting Downtown to Hollywood is probably being the most useful for tourists. If your destination is close to a station, then the subway is a convenient and quick option.

The app Go Metro is good for planning trips and viewing maps offline. Single tickets are $1.75 per trip and 1-day tickets are $5 or 7 days for $20.

By bike: around $3.50/30 min

Cycling is the latest fashionable way to get around, especially in Venice Beach and Santa Monica. Riding along the seashore with the wind blowing in hair has become an L.A. trademark. A public bike sharing service is available in Santa Monica from Breeze Bike Share at $7 an hour. In the Downtown area there is Metro Bike Share at $3.50 for a 30-minute ride and it’s free for journeys of less than 30 min.

Where should I go bike riding? Come with us on a 3-hour tour by two wheels. Through the chic streets of Abbot Kinney to the houses of Venice Beach and finishing in style in Santa Monica. Spend half a day soaking up the Californian lifestyle and uncover the secrets of these neighborhoods!

The Offbeat Los Angeles Tour: Explore Venice Beach and Santa Monica By Bike!

Comment se déplacer à Los Angeles

By electric scooter: around $1 + $0.15/min

Comment se déplacer à Los Angeles

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A new, eco-friendly form of getting around has appeared on the Californian scene – public hire electric scooters. Several companies operate in Los Angeles, such as Bird and Lime.

Download the one of these apps, locate a free scooter nearby, scan the QR code to unlock it and ride (carefully) through the streets of LA!

There are no dedicated drop off points for scooters. You simply leave it wherever you are when you’ve finished and end your journey on the app.

Our advice

While car travel is convenient and gives you the freedom to go wherever you want, renting a car isn’t essential when staying in Los Angeles. Private hire taxis and the subway will do just fine depending on the neighborhood you’re staying in and your plans. You’ll save on rental and parking fees too, plus the stress of finding a parking place!

It’s better to limit the number of journeys you make as much as possible. When organizing your stay, plan your itinerary by sector and choose your accommodation as close as possible to the areas you wish to visit by following our handy guide, Where to stay in Los Angeles?

Finally, download the Uber, Lyft and Waze apps – the winning trio when it comes to getting around the City of Angels!

Still not sure what you want to see yet? Need more advice on preparing your trip? We offer you assistance in planning the your dream vacation. Get in touch with us!

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